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  1. Hi All - I know that using Dropbox to sync Alfred preferences between machines is the 'blessed' approach, but assuming that that isn't an option for me, my thought was that I could use git and 'manually' (git commit / git push / git pull) sync Alfred 4 between my machines. High level it would look like this: Set up a private remote repo on github Via the 'Advanced' menu on each machine, change the Alfred sync folder to ~/alfred_4 (or something similar) Add ~/alfred_4/Alfred.alfredpreferences to version control Periodically, issue necessary commands to push/pull to/from remote repository (Or set up some automation... Or get really 'meta' and set up an Alfred workflow that does this..). Rinse / Repeat So my questions are: Has anybody tried this? If so, is there anything you'd like to tell me? Is this a terrible idea? Besides not being officially 'blessed' methodology. Will I get many merge conflicts or other thorns in my side? Most importantly: Should I be concerned about security? Specifically, how is sensitive data (e.g. Credentials use to log into some service / api that are set up for a new workflow, clipboard history, browser history, etc.) stored? ..From what I can tell, these are probably kept in *alfdb files back under ~/Library/Application Support/Alfred/Databases, and thus not under source control. Is this always going to be the case (say, with custom workflows from Packal?) Any insight / documentation about the underlying data model that can be shared? Thanks in advance for any thoughts!
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