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  1. Hi, Few days back i started using google drive app for desktop replacing the old backup & sync. Backup and sync used to store the required folders locally and i was able to search and find them through albert. Now that the new app lets us stream the all the files in the drive without keeping a local copy i prefer to keep local copy for very urgent files only. The problem is i cant search inside the google drive files now .. even the locally synced files & folders. Tried adding the folder path in 'search scope' still no hope. I hope someone can help me. Thanks
  2. Hi.. after the 2.0.1 update i'm unable to search using duckduckgo (dd) .. How can i add duckduckgo back again ??
  3. Is there any workflows available for Google Keep ??
  4. Thanks for the detailed reply. If you ever come across any such workflow for spark pls share it with me. Bcoz me creating one is out of the picture 😄
  5. Any way to set spark for this (http://www.packal.org/workflow/mailapp-search) work flow ? It'll be awesome if it works !!
  6. Is the workflow dead ?? "No Suggestions Found" !! How to make it work ?? I am using the Movies & Tv show search workflow, which works great. Still i would love to search directly in imdb.
  7. I am using Spark, mostly because it syncs email signatures in my android device also. I dont like the interface of the apple mail. It opens apple mail for email option in "file actions" , direct "email" entry in alfred opens up default mail client.
  8. ⌥ OPTION KEY + ← ( left arrow ) to remove the last item from the buffer. See Features > File Seach > Buffer for all key combinations.
  9. In file actions if i activate email to an address the apple mail opens, i didn't find any option to set that to default mail client. If i use keyword "email" directly in alfred default mail client is opening.  Please add the functionality to use default mail client in file actions.
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