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  1. The exact same thing just happened on my Mac mini with Alfred installed. It froze right before the login screen, and when I disabled Alfred login, it began to work. Then just now, on my MBA, it froze until I restarted. After logging in, I opened Alfred to see that it it was autostarting at login. I thought I had disabled autologin, but I think that b/c of your reply, I turned it back on thinking perhaps it was truly a red herring. So when it just froze again, it seems too coincidental to be a red herring. It's happening on two of my Macs, each time it happens only when Alfred autostarts. E
  2. When I turned on my Macbook Air (OS X 10.8.5) Mid 2011, the gray screen would show with the beach ball spinning. It doesn't proceed to the user login page. I had to go into Sleep Mode, and disabled some logins. I first tried Sophos, then Bartender, then Alfred. After disabling Alfred, I was able to log in normally. I then reenabled Alfred to start automatically and I got the beach ball of death once again. I'm using the latest version, v2.1 (218). Other than that, I have no other clues as to why the problem suddenly showed up. Fix this soon please, as crippling my system is more
  3. I use Option-Command-Space to switch to the next language. It has been working fine until a few weeks ago. I'm not even sure Alfred is the culprit, and I don't remember when/what happened such that it stopped working. The reason I'm posting this post is because several members have complained about the same issue in the Workflows forum (they made a workflow workaround). I've checked the keyboard shortcut system preference but did not see any conflicts. I use the shortcut Option-Space to launch Alfred so I'm not sure why I'm having this problem. Would appreciate any insight on getting this
  4. Thanks for this! I found this on Twitter before I found it here and have been using it. One suggestion: is it possible to just launch the OF quick entry pane without putting the full app into focus? That way if a task comes to mind while you're working on something else, you just want to record it and forget it. By only opening the OF quick entry pane, you press enter to create the task and go immediately back to what you were doing.
  5. Thanks for the lead Tyler. I'll try out the workflows for window organizers. And the only thing about Cmd-Tab is that I'm not able to switch to a particular window in an app, so I needed to use Witch. Hoping for a good Alfred workflow that will allow me to replace it.
  6. I think Alfred is currently seen as an app launcher program by many. But the Powerpack features add a lot more and some people can get rid of other apps when using Alfred. I like how I can replace a clipboard history app. I'm also hoping to replace a few other small utility apps, such as window arrangers, like Divvy, and a task switcher like Witch. http://mizage.com/divvy/ http://manytricks.com/witch/ I'm just looking for something fairly simple, and wouldn't expect to make the above apps obsolete. Examples of how Alfred might implement these features: - switch to next app wit
  7. Is there an Alfred command where I can perform various actions based on what is in my clipboard? For example, I see a blog post recommending a book title. I copy that title and want Alfred to: search Amazon for that title, such as typing "Amazon <clipboard item>"
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