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  1. Confirmed, opening the URL and auto-login doesn’t depend on APIs. Possible to launch the url to a website and have it auto-login? #9 https://github.com/stuartcryan/lastpass-alfred-workflow/issues/9
  2. Thanks for bringing that up. I haven’t considered 1P’s APIs. Even without the APIs, the LastPass workflow that I was referring to already does almost everything Alfred is able to do with 1Password. It’s just a lot slower to populate search results, which you said was due to the lack of APIs, and it doesn’t open the websites when you press “Enter”, which doesn’t seem to be due to an API issue. Opening the website on Enter keypress just doesn’t work because the dev didn’t add that in the workflow. There’s an enhancement request for that on their repo (https://github.com/stuartcryan/lastpass-alfred-workflow) There’s also signs that it hasn’t been maintained very well since it hasn’t even been updated for Alfred 4 yet (I had to modify some of the code for Alfred 4). The dev are too busy to keep it polished and maintained, which I actually think is the primary reason why it’s not as polished as it could be. He actually made a post about needing someone to take over. I’ll be contacting LastPass/Bitwarden too, but any possibility that Alfred can take over maintenance of that repo, at least polish it up a bit and update it to work with Alfred 4?
  3. Hi, I've been using Alfred for over a year now and have been enjoying it greatly. I do have some suggestions. I would like to see better integration of other password managers, aside from 1Password. 1Password seem to get preferential treatment. Does Alfred have a partnership with them? I would like to see Lastpass, Bitwarden, etc. receive better support/integration from Alfred. Lastpass is very popular. Currently there are workflows, but those are limited and dependent on the dev's continued support. It doesn't work as quick/smoothly and requires external dependencies. Are there any plans to implement this? Thank you!
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