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  1. I have been using this command on mac: open -a "Google Chrome" --args --profile-directory="Profile 1" It works for me.
  2. 1, 2, 3, yes 4, Chrome. After enable, when I type "bm ", no such action.
  3. Hi, Right now we can choose to source bookmark from first user: Is it possible to open bookmarks always as first user as well? Thanks!
  4. Right now this does nothing. I know I can do "g asdf" to search on Google. But oftentimes I start typing and then go back to add g, which is not very ideal. Thanks!
  5. bm keyword doesn't exist after setting it.
  6. Cool. I agree for now. Thanks for your input.
  7. Cool. That's very nice! I now can use these steps: - search file - use up/down arrow to select file if file is not first search result - tab to open file action - choose file action I still wish I could simply do: - search file - cmd + number to select and open file in the editor I want It'd be nice if configurable.
  8. After finding a file using Alfred (typing space or single quote, and file name), is it possible to open the file with an editor I want? Currently, it seems to use different system default editors for different types of files, and sometimes even run the file in Shell. I'd like to set one Editor to open all files found through Aflred file search. Thanks
  9. Hi, Is it possible to configure to use the same Editor to open all files through Alfred? Thanks!
  10. OK. I'll try to find you a good example. In general, it's cases when I want to narrow down search results using more words regardless of their order. BTW, FZF seems to work that way for me:
  11. Hi, Is it possible to increase the window size for Clipboard history Viewer? I find its current size too small. Thanks!
  12. Cool. Feature request posted: Thanks, guys! Alfred has been great. I wish I'd gotten Powerpack sooner!
  13. Hi, It seems that currently Clipboard history search is keyword-order-sensitive, i.e. searching "bar foo" doesn't match record "foo bar". Is it possible to make it keyword-order-insensitive or add an option to do so? This search behavior is consistent with many popular search tools, such as, Chrome Address bar (aka Omnibox), and fzf (https://github.com/junegunn/fzf). Thanks!
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