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  1. !! It suddenly work today, when I get up!!! Though still a little bit strange, but no big problem!!!! thank you!!!!!
  2. Thank you, but does not😭. I think maybe it is because I put these folders in icloud drive, since search for downloads folders(which I put on computer) is alright.
  3. \Cry, unfortunately it still doesn't work. Maybe I need to wait for another release of Catalina. Thank you very much anyway~
  4. Like this, there is a folder named 'combinatorial optimization', but the results only shows the link I saved.
  5. Hi, first time to post topic here.. My issue is: after updating to macOS Catalina, the folder/file search feature of alfred (4.0.3) suddenly break down (while searching for apps still works well). Strange things are, while I can't use alfred to search my own files, which are stored in iCloud Drive, it still works well when searching system files. Is there anyone who has the same problem? Could someone help me with this? Thanks!!!
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