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  1. Thanks @deanishe for your advice! I will post my workflow once it works as expected!
  2. After some additional trials, I have just discovered that Workflow cache doesn't work exactly as I expected. My goal was to retrieve details from a Youtube video and store them in Workflow cache. As I would repeat my workflow several times, it would make the most sense to have them cached to prevent other queries to the API. As an example, I would type in Alfred: yd ckN-uJn9hAI (This will get details from the video at http://youtu.be/ckN-uJn9hAI). I would load each of the details I use more often in Workflow args and send those back to Alfred. I would select one, press
  3. First of all, thanks for creating this plugin for Alfred! I have followed the tutorials to create an extension to access my Youtube video data. Usually I need to retrieve title or description to reuse it somewhere else. I was planning to share it with in Packal so other people can use it too. I created this description of how it works: Youtube Video Search This workflow retreives details about your latest videos from Youtube. To set it up, you need to configure your Youtube ChannelID and API Key. To do so execute the following commands: - ytsetkey: With
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