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  1. yes, it's the third result in the list, when I search for it in finder (name matching) it's not possible. it is the complete name of the folder. yes, I get 40 results (since I set the limit to the maximum); some of the results are even files WITHIN the folder I want to get as a result. unfortunately this would be ridiculous. I have a huge library of pdfs within a folder called pdfs, subfolders a-z and within these subfolders again subdfolders named after the last name of the author(s). those folders I want to find. and there are hundreds of them. this task should really be the easiest task for an app like alfred! how is it possible that a simple finder query is almost every time preferable? if I am looking for a name in alfred I want to know wether I have a folder called after that person or not. how hard can it be? if there is no way to teach alfred this simplest of simple tasks, then I am stunned. have you any idea how I could do it - besides changing hundreds of folders regularly, just to keep the modification date up to date....?
  2. hi, when searching for a folder name it is not showing up in the results. some pdfs within the folder, starting with the same letters as the search, however, do show up. is there any way to declare folders a priority in search? the folder is located in dropbox, in a subfolder called pdfs, in a subfolder a, b, c, d, ... all folders AND subfolders I have added to the search catalog. yet it didn't help.
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