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  1. yeah, that’s what I ended up doing.
  2. hi andrew, thanks for replying. I know that changing the extension works, but just didn’t know why. since changing the extension is not a good option for me, is there any way around this issue?
  3. anyone else have this problem or is it just me?
  4. Hi, I tried to use the built-in alfred file search to search inside files it works for the most part, but have noticed that it is not looking inside my csv files. I thought it was maybe my csv files, but I changed the extension to txt and it works. I then created my own workflow and dragged the csv file into the "File Types" of the file filter block and added the folder that the file is in to the scope, but it does not work. I changed the extension to txt, cst, huh and those all work, but when I change it back to csv then it stops working again. anyone have any idea of what might be wrong? is this a bug or is there a setting I can change to fix this? thanks.
  5. I had a similar problem with aText. I unchecked and rechecked it in Accessibility (did not have to remove it from the list) and it started working properly again, perhaps try that.
  6. for me its defined as the shortcut key for previous path, which is in preferences->features->file search->navigation i don’t remember changing it, so it might be the default
  7. I did try it with the OS X notes app, highlighted some text then ran alfred to edit with textedit then pb with alfred and it sent the cursor to the end of the note instead of the end of the selection. I also tried starting with textedit and then going to word and back to textedit with the same result.
  8. ah I see. thanks for looking into it.
  9. carlos, thanks for another great workflow. is it possible to have the cursor be at the end of the text that is pasted back instead of at the end of the document?
  10. thanks, nice to know its not just me, weird that a native OS X app doesn’t respond to applescript though.
  11. hi, thanks for this workflow. I ran across a possible bug. It does not seem to work for preview for me.
  12. hi carlos, thanks for the nice workflow, the updates look great. is there a way to add an option for appending to the beginning of the file instead of to the end? thanks.
  13. no problem, happy to help and glad to hear you got it working
  14. ah, i see. well i will just have to type in those few extra characters! thanks.
  15. r on 5/10 12:00am to test reminder workflow @drking thanks for confirming this, looks like we may have a solution though thanks for this jack. it works with or without the space, 10:00am and 10:00 am. I am not sure why i did not try those combinations. However, it does need to year. Is there any way to parse it so the year is not required? when i use r on 5/10 12:00am to test reminder workflow it parses it to 5/10/12 and then defaults to 12:00pm otherwise, it seems to work well. thanks again for the great work.
  16. Hi, thank you for the reply. You are correct it does not work, it shows it at 12:00am. "r tomorrow at 10am to test workflow" works correctly. The current date line from rtest is: Current date: Tuesday, May 7, 2013 4:28:53 PM
  17. Hi, Thank you for this as it is very useful, but I am either unable to, or it is not yet supported, add a reminder with the following format. r on 5/10/13 at 10am to test reminder workflow it parses the 5/10/13 correctly, but it always shows 12am instead of 10am. i tried 10:00, 10am, 10 am. also, is there a way to default the year to the current year if its not there so I can just input 5/10 instead of 5/10/13? thank you.
  18. after you press enter you should be back in alfred with the text "* note" in which case you can type to search the note you want to append to. however, there should be some notes that are shown in the alfred result list.
  19. thank you for this, i have been looking for something like this and cant believe i just found it.
  20. i would also like this feature added. the "open with ..." option (which i also have selected) does not seem to be tied to the "Sort actions by last used per file type". I do see that Alfred does learn the actions and one of them is open with... but after that option is selected the Apps from which we can choose does not get sorted by most often used. it is particularly annoying because some file types, such as jpg have many options for opening them and the couple that i use do not show up in the top 10 and i have to scroll down.
  21. I agree it is a great little program and has great plugins, cant wait to see what else comes up. I also feel like it should be in OS X seeing as how its inspired by iOS, but am grateful that it is not too expensive.
  22. Here is the one i use http://www.alfredforum.com/topic/338-recent-downloads-with-feedback/?hl=recent I havent thoroughly tested it so not sure how accurate it is, but it seems to work well for me.
  23. Thanks, this is really useful! Since you guys mentioned that you were looking for other methods, there is an app that has the similar functionality through an extension, Popclip http://pilotmoon.com/popclip/ It is pretty convenient as it is automatically appears, iOS style, if you use your keyboard to select text and do not want to use the mouse, you can easily create a hotkey to have alfred make the menu appear, which is what I have done.
  24. seems to be quite similar but looks like this allows individual updates where as alleyoop currently updates everything at the same time
  25. This is a great workflow Vítor thanks for the good work.
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