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  1. Ok, I've improved it again. This wont change the function of the script much at all but it should be more stable and it's definitely prettier to look at (the code anyway). It's now stored on Github.
  2. Cedric, Sorry for the confusion. If you can't tell I'm pretty new to this. Anyway, I think I fixed. Could you download it again and try once more? This time don't wrap the phrase in quotes or double quotes. It should work without being quoted.
  3. OK Cedric, I've updated the workflow. It now works correctly with single quotes / apostrophes. It does not work with double quotes. In fact a double quote will still cause it to fail but I think that is preferable to the way it was perviously. Let me know if it works for you now.
  4. Hey Cedric, I'm glad you found it useful (or at least entertaining). If you select the same voice a few times in a row it should rise to the top of the list. Over time Alfred will prioritize the list based on how frequently you use each voice. It should work fine without quotes (single or double). There is a known bug with apostrophes. If you type "didn't" (no quotes) it will do nothing. This is a problem with how I am escaping this string (or not escaping it). I'll try to figure out how to improve that and post it when I have it sorted.
  5. Hey all, I've created a text-to-speech workflow based on Mac OS's 'say' command. With it you type 'say' followed by 'what you want to say'. You are then given a list of installed voices to pick from. Select a voice with the arrows or simply hit enter to have your phrase spoken aloud. I've also included an additional novelty command 'sayslow' which will speak your phrase in your chosen voice at a veeerryy slow rate. I don't know why but I find this incredibly comical. https://github.com/shmuel/alfred-say/archive/master.zip - I made the script much more stable in the way it is handling escaping special characters. - The code is much more DRY. - It is now easier to extend with more voice styles (i.e. sayfast would be possible as well). -Samuel
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