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  1. 2019-Sep-01-pm-02-30-43 Hi Carlos, :) I love your Evernote workflow for Alfred 4. It’s awesome. Problem: when i type the command “enn” followed by space key then “message text” e.g. “enn xox abject”. The most convenient option of “enter key” is for the command - “New Note from Text Selection” however that is not the most ergonomic option given that the typed note is for the function “Type a note” to append to Evernote. Solution? Why not switch the commands around so user can “Enter” key to add message via “Type a note” to append to Evernote. Thus eliminate extra hassle steps. :) An idea / product is structured as your problem and a solution. Though the origin of this solution may be unsuitable but this does highlight your problem that affects your $$$ that shouldn't be ignored. Why not devise your own alternative solutions to your problem or delegate your assistant to check with the international patent office before jumping to assumptions? Please feedback to management to max your $$$. Thank you. Best regards, Jianfa Ben Tsai
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