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  1. Wanna share these 2 new themes: Palenight (Inspired on Palenight theme for VSCode) Halloween (Inspired on FIFA 20 Ultimate Scream cards)
  2. List your mounted network drives. Repo: https://github.com/skydiver/alfred-network-drives
  3. Open your Google Chrome or Canary profiles from Alfred I have many Chrome / Canary profiles, and when the browser is closed, next time the last used profile will be opened. With this workflow, i'm able to open the profile i want directly from Alfred. Hope someone else find useful 🥳
  4. Hey dfay There isn't any difference, was an old workflow published by error.
  5. Hello everyone, Wanna share my self made workflows: https://alfred.skydiver.dev/ I've made for my personal use and wanna share with the rest of the community. Hope will be useful for someone.
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