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  1. Thank you again, I just saw that the publication date was 2018 on the github, so I thought that it was done earlier. How can I thank you for your help? And also tell me please, is it safe to use this workflow, does it not transfer data to third parties? poorly versed in this ...
  2. Thank you so much, I searched a lot in the search for github ready-made workflow, but could not find it! This is exactly what I need! You are super!! Thank you very much!!!
  3. why? what is the problem? this is the same service as, for example, the short link service works the same way, why does it work with short links, but doesn’t work with this service?
  4. 1. keyword PRV + words that should be in the note (picture Hello world ) 2. Information is transmitted to the service and fits into the appropriate window (picture 2) 3. a note is created and a link to it is generated (3 picture) 4. the link is copied to the clipboard 5. Show notification - Copy ready, for example
  5. Hello, I need a person who can create workflow according to my condition, I’m ready to pay for the work of a person. workflow is: 1. Keyword 2. The website privnote.com opens 3. in the input field the words written in 1 paragraph are entered 4. a note is issued 5. the link is copied to the clipboard 6. show Notification Thnx
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