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  1. OK, if I have F-key set as system key, only Fn+F5 or FN+F6 can be used. Fn+ F13 up to 15 don't work. But in such configuration F5 or F6 alone still won't work (I must press with FN). So maybe You could add possibility for such actions? For exemple, I use CopyLess 2, and if I choose F13 alone it works perfect and my system F-keys are still OK.
  2. I am sorry, but I don't understand. If I select "Alfred Hotkey" i can press "F14" or FN+F14 and nothings change. I would like the F14 button itself to activate the Alfred window (without any additional buttons).
  3. I want to assign Alfred to "F14". When I go to preferences, in Alfred Hotkey panel I do not see option for any F-key. There is only: cmd, opt, crtl, shift and Space options and I can mix them.
  4. The ability to assign Alfred to function keys would be very helpful.
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