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  1. Any word on whether there might be an update for the remote app to increase the number of available icons? I've located two previous posts on the topic, there may be more: https://www.alfredforum.com/topic/12594-adaptive-screen-sizes/ https://www.alfredforum.com/topic/13850-increase-number-of-icons-for-ipad-remote-decrease-size/?tab=comments#comment-71157
  2. Thank you! I did a quick search but didn't see that post.
  3. It would be nice (especially for larger iPads) to have the option to have more icons displayed on the Alfred Remote app. The icon size could be decreased (and/or there could be an option to hide the pages on the left). I would personally love 30+ icons on the iPad remote.
  4. Two days ago I ejected my two USB drives with Alfred. It was my first time doing that. After multiple restarts, the drives don't show up anymore on my Mac. Plugging in and unplugging the USB cable does nothing. The drives are no longer listed in Disk Utility either. Is this an Alfred issue? How can I see my external drives again?
  5. I'm new to Alfred and trying out different workflows. Would anyone know how to create a workflow that initiates the "Smart Scan" in CleanMyMac? I'd also like to add this workflow to the remote iOS app.
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