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  1. Great workflow @vitor, I like it a lot. I noticed that it eats requests like crazy though. I searched 3 (not very long) words and they generated 51 requests on the API counter. Since each tier has a limited number of requests (e.g. free tier is max 500 requests), you will be forced to upgrade rather quickly. Every single letter creates a new request, e.g. "syn good" will generate 4 requests (g, go, goo, good). Instead of a live search, perhaps you could add a kind of accumulator or delay before sending the completed query?
  2. Oh, that's just fantastic, thank you so much! Especially the workdays feature will speed things up enormously for me. Would you be interested in a translation to Swedish?
  3. This workflow is awesome! However, I'm not able to use decimals in currency conversion, neither with point (.) nor with comma (,). Does it only support integers, or have I missed a setting somewhere? it works with unit conversions. Also, a feature request: Calculation of workdays that exclude weekends, e.g. today + X workdays. Would be perfect for quickly calculating delivery dates.
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