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  1. Ok I'll give that a shot. They are really helpful people and have gone above and beyond for me in the past so I'll see if I can get their help. What should I ask them for specifically? Sorry if it's too much to type, I just want to make sure I get the right info/answer. Would I ask if their apps support AppleScript to automate and connect their actions to other apps like Alfred? Thanks again!
  2. I can do that. How would I get it? I have all their apps so I am happy to gather whatever info is needed or make the script (I am not very good at it but I will try if you're willing t be a bit patient with me :) Thanks!
  3. This workflow looks great. I'd love if this could work with Audio Hijack so I could make hotkey dependent audio type/quality recordings directly from Alfred. The company that makes the app is Rogue Amoeba Their app Loopback is also great, and I could also see a common audio rerouting setup working well. I don't have their soundboard app, but thinking of a workflow that combines a custom soundboard in Alfred has me cracking up. Thanks for making this!
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