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  1. Hi,


    My quicklook crashes on initial open for any file or application, not just in workflows but normal search. Not sure the fix. I've tried to solve the issue & read previous threads from people experiencing the same issue, but it's not workflow specific, it's every interaction with quicklook. I'm still on Mojave, is that the issue? Please advise, thanks.

  2. Hi,


    Amazing workflow, thanks so much! It would be great to add an optional argument for opening in browser/desktop application that defaults to the option set in vars. I wanted to look into it but haven't had time yet. I feel like it might be doable?


    Also, for the workspaces, you can store the creds in a JSON & then parse the variable & use the split function or something like that? Or even storing it in vars. (Not best practice but a start).


    Anyways, thanks so much!

  3. Did this ever happen?

    On 5/19/2019 at 1:44 PM, luckman212 said:

    I saw this has been asked a few times before (e.g. here) but there wasn't a clear answer.

    Since Alfred 4 is coming soon, I would like to throw this into the pot to see if it might be possible.


    My brain is getting old. It's hard to remember all the different keywords and hotkeys I've set up. To aid myself I like to be able to use multiple keywords to trigger the same workflow step.


    Example, I have a workflow for connecting Bluetooth devices, that I trigger using `bt`

    instead of just "bt" I'd like to add a few more keywords, e.g. "blue", "connect", "audio" etc.


    I know I can duplicate the script filter opject and connect its Output to the same step—it's a poor man's workaround, but it'd be cleaner and better to allow multiple keywords, such as this:





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