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  1. @dfayThanks! I noted from other threads that Readdle 's apps don't support applescript. It's a shame since I like using many of their apps like Spark and PDF Expert.
  2. @deanishe I think I have solved the problem and managed to use the workflow. I just need to type in "search" instead, and need to set the pasteboard value to 0. Thanks!
  3. Thanks for the suggestion - I have installed the workflow and configured to Spark. Then I typed "spark", but the only thing I can do is to open the app instead of searching the messages within the app. On another note, I have just installed your ZotHero workflow. It's awesome!
  4. I just got on board with Alfred 4. I wonder if I can search for my emails in Spark (3rd party email client)? Do I need to create a workflow? And how? Thanks! T
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