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  1. @andreas.w I took a few more simple steps (including turning off my local firewall, etc) but did not get anywhere. Where would you like to to place one or more debug objects? I'll place them, run my scenario, and then send you the information directly via private message. No rush on my side ... appreciate any help offered.
  2. I see some questions re: authentication but none of the answers apply in my case. I have v1.6 of Search Raindrop.io installed. When I type "r " I get prompted to authenticate with Raindrop.io. I hit enter and am taken to Raindrop.io where I click on "Agree". At that point, I am redirected to<some code> and I get an error saying this site cannot be reached, connection refused. This error occurs on all browsers. I'm able to ping I suspect this is an issue on my end (since the workflow seems to work for others) so I'm just looking for sugg
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