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  1. I think this Bookends workflow is going to be super useful to people who use Bookends. I just need to get the word out. For anyone who wants to try out the workflow and share impressions in the comments here, here is a coupon for a free download. It's good for the first three takers. Go to the website and put the scripts in the cart. At checkout, use the coupon code "AlfredandBookends".
  2. Bookends is terrific manager of bibliographic information, the best reference manager on the market, imho. One thing that makes it great is that it understands AppleScript. I've been working on several scripts for about a year now, tweaking them and adding capabilities, and I've ended up with four scripts with which I'm really pleased. Creating footnotes and bibliographies fast and without hassle is their main purpose, but they do a few other things as well. Script 1 creates a footnote or bibliographic entry. Script 2 is for consulting the notes of a Bookends reference. Script 3 creates bibliographies and several other kinds of lists. Script 4 finds hits and shows them in Bookends itself and does this fast. They're fast and they're simple to use. I've posted them for downloading on my website with screenshots and descriptions. http://scriptsforbookends.com The download is $4. It contains the Alfred workflow. There's also a free and fully functional demo. I hope other Bookends users find them useful.
  3. Sometimes it would be super convenient to keep Alfred's window open for a minute, two minutes... E.g., when you've done a math calculation, looked up a word in Dictionary.app, navigated to a folder deep in the hierarchy, etc. How about a keystroke or keyword which would keep Alfred visible? Something like "Lock" and "Unlock."
  4. Sounds terrific but for some reason it didn't work for me. It just got stuck saying it was loading. I'm on 10.6.8 - maybe the workflow only works for 10.7+? Maybe it's just me?
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