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  1. Turning the blur off corrects the issue with both Final Cut and VLC.
  2. While I have VLC it wasn't being used in my bug report. I downloaded the most recent version of VLC to compare and it looks nearly identical. If I play a video in Final Cut and access Alfred I get the same random render artifacts on the screen. Hiding the Final Cut or VLC windows restores Alfred's regular search box.
  3. Running the release of Catalina 10.15 I get a strange problem after I launch Final Cut Pro 10.4.7. The Alfred (4.0.4 [1111]) search window appears as it should, but it's barely visible and sluggish. This happens even when Final Cut is just in the background. When I quit Final Cut, Alfred returns to normal. In the attached image, the green/blue render errors only happened while taking the timed screenshot.
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