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  1. Okay, for other peoples' reference: I fixed it by adding one more permission that I missed in System Preferences. Following the instructions completely from here helped me find the one box that needed to be checked: https://www.alfredapp.com/help/getting-started/permissions/#integration
  2. I have removed and reinstalled Evernote with the dmg from the Evernote website, and I am using the most recent workflow file posted here. I still get this same problem. In the debugger I get this kind of message when trying to type "ens" in the evernote window: [23:01:36.544] Logging Started... [23:01:40.695] Evernote[Script Filter] Queuing argument '' [23:01:41.137] Evernote[Script Filter] Script with argv '(null)' finished [23:01:41.141] ERROR: Evernote[Script Filter] Code 1: 0:48: execution error: Not authorized to send Apple events to System Events. (-1743) It resembles a similar issue I have seen from others in the forum posts, but the fix of reinstall Evernote, workflow file, and Evernote don't seem to be helping in this case. Any other ideas? Thank you, -Walker
  3. Hello, I am very glad to find this workflow, but experiencing a problem with using it. Has anyone seen this or have some insight how to solve this? I am using Alfred 4 with macos 10.14.6 mojave. I am using the most recent workflow from the link posted on the first page of this forum thread with filename Evernote9b4.alfredworkflow. Issue: When I activate Alfred and type "en" to begin typing the keyword "ens," I initially see all of the Evernote workflow options in the context list. But when I type the the "s", the option to search (and all other options except synchronize Evernote) disappears from the list, and searching does not work when I type my search word. It searches using google, the default search engine. Does this make sense? I can make a screencapture video to show the behavior if necessary. I have removed and reinstalled the workflow several times, and otherwise my Alfred options are nearly default. Thank you in advance to anyone willing to help me fix this.
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