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  1. Okay, for other peoples' reference: I fixed it by adding one more permission that I missed in System Preferences. Following the instructions completely from here helped me find the one box that needed to be checked: https://www.alfredapp.com/help/getting-started/permissions/#integration
  2. I have removed and reinstalled Evernote with the dmg from the Evernote website, and I am using the most recent workflow file posted here. I still get this same problem. In the debugger I get this kind of message when trying to type "ens" in the evernote window: [23:01:36.544] Logging Started... [23:01:40.695] Evernote[Script Filter] Queuing argument '' [23:01:41.137] Evernote[Script Filter] Script with argv '(null)' finished [23:01:41.141] ERROR: Evernote[Script Filter] Code 1: 0:48: execution error: Not authorized to send Apple events to System Events. (-1743)
  3. Hello, I am very glad to find this workflow, but experiencing a problem with using it. Has anyone seen this or have some insight how to solve this? I am using Alfred 4 with macos 10.14.6 mojave. I am using the most recent workflow from the link posted on the first page of this forum thread with filename Evernote9b4.alfredworkflow. Issue: When I activate Alfred and type "en" to begin typing the keyword "ens," I initially see all of the Evernote workflow options in the context list. But when I type the the "s", the option to search (and all other options except synchroni
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