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  1. Hi, I just wanted to know if Alfred has any default way to deal with multiple levels of JSON before I start stringing together multiple script filters. Example: "items": [ { "uid": "google", "title": "google", "arg": { "items": [ { "uid": "youtube.com", "title": "youtube", "arg": "https://youtube.com", } ] }, }, {"uid": "youtube.com", "title": "youtube", "arg": "https://youtube.com"}, ] The behavior I'm looking for is to select google from Alfred's list and have it display that inner JSON. Is this possible?
  2. Thank you! I imagine that would be very slow. It might just be something I toggle on when I'm doing schoolwork since I often work with short snippets and images when making flashcards. Thanks again, you were very helpful.
  3. Ah, I was hoping there would be some magical select paste function that would solve all my problems. It sounds like I won't be able to tackle this for some time. But to make sure I've got the right idea: At minimum I would need to write something that reads the content of the clipboard before pasting and acts appropriately based on what it read. If it were python(Only language I'm familiar with atm) I would need to do the equivalent of grab the length of the clipboard contents about to be pasted, then simulate shift + left arrow presses for the number that the len() function returned, that about right?
  4. I would just like to know if the following would be possible within a workflow or if I would need to use some external program as well: I want to set up hotkeys that will paste clipboard item 1, 2, 3, etc.. the only difference is I would like the pasted content to be selected when it is pasted. Why? I would effectively be able to scroll through the recent clipboard history inline. I wouldn't matter if I accidentally paste clipboard item 3 when I wanted #2 because by clicking the hotkey for clipboard Item 2 that would take its place. Basically a 'soft' paste function. Default: Three key presses Hotkey1, Hotkey2, Hotkey3: CI #1 CI #2 CI #3 Pastes three items What I want: Three key presses Hotkey1, Hotkey2, Hotkey3: CI #1 CI #2 CI #3 Pastes last item only. Sorry if I'm being redundant just trying my best to be clear. Thank you!
  5. Hi Vero, Thank you for the welcome! Yeah, I ended up digging around some more and found the thread you linked there. I am indeed on Catalina, I didn't think it would have such tragic effects 😢. Mail search is the only reason I open spotlight anymore. Btw, I am new to macOS and I think Alfred is going to be a huge part of what keeps me here.
  6. Hi, Alfred has full disk access but I'm still running into the same issue that needalfredhelp was having.
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