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  1. I didn't know how to use the debugger. This was my error: [23:36:55.587] ERROR: ddcctl with alfred[Run Script] /Users/username/Library/Caches/com.runningwithcrayons.Alfred/Workflow Scripts/432EB0B0-E8CD-41B3-BAAC-E6D6F583A215: line 1: ddcctl: command not found It worked by providing the full path to the program, as suggested.
  2. Hello there, I want to create an Alfred workflow that allows me to switch my monitor inputs by calling ddcctl from alfred. I tried doing this by using a "terminal command", but it opens a terminal window which is not what I want. I then tried to use "run script" to run the same command but it just doesn't work. Any help? The command is: ddcctl -d 1 -i 15 ddcctl: https://github.com/kfix/ddcctl
  3. If anyone has the workflow downloaded, please share!
  4. If anyone wants to get similar functionality, I did this by using 2 Karabiner-Elements complex modifications. I found one that let me bind my caps lock to esc if pressed once and ctrl if pressed with other keys. Then I found another one that has left ctrl hjkl to arrow keys. https://pqrs.org/osx/karabiner/complex_modifications/#caps_lock ^ Choose "Change caps_lock to control if pressed with other keys, to escape if pressed alone" https://pqrs.org/osx/karabiner/complex_modifications/#ctrl_plus_hjkl_to_arrow_keys
  5. Hello there, I put together this workflow from this old topic: You can check it out here: https://github.com/spiderman19989/myalfredworkflows/blob/master/vim.alfredworkflow For this workflow if I type 'v ~/.zshrc' or if I type anything with a . or / Alfred suggests for me to search something. How can I include dotfiles and actual paths in the search for this workflow?
  6. Here's a version I put together since that link is dead: https://github.com/spiderman19989/myalfredworkflows/blob/master/vim.alfredworkflow
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