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  1. I'm teaching myself Fusion 360 by watching YouTube videos. I have one screen dedicated to Fusion, the other to YouTube. I'd like to set up hotkeys to pause and rewind YouTube then jump back to the Fusion screen. Often there's multiple steps that I need to watch, then I'll forget a step or something is slightly different/confusing so I need to rewind. Seems like Alfred could be amazingly helpful with this. Is it possible? In the YouTube browser window, Space = pause and left arrow key = go back 5 seconds.
  2. I'm trying to set up things where I'll open a web project: Open the related google doc where I keep notes, as well as any bookmarks for the site/documentation. I'll probably just put all the bookmarks in a chrome bookmark folder. Open the PhpStorm project. Open the iTerm command line so I have git access. Optionally open finder for viewing assets. I can find individual pieces but no idea how to make one large workflow combining all. I found references saying this would be easy in Alfred v3, and we're now on 4. Any clues? Ideally I coul
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