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  1. Hmm I guess it is not very intuitive? I never realized that. Good to know
  2. I use Alfred every day, and also have a need recently to start leveraging the iPhone app for more flexibility
  3. Forgive me for my ignorance. But how would Alfred know which letters to capitalize? Would it always be the first letter of the snippet?
  4. This is possible via workflows, which I know you’d probably prefer native snippet support for that, but possibly in the mean time this is a solution
  5. No, that is Alfred native app yes, he wants to change the appearance of the alfred bar when the OS changes from Light to dark. So essentially setting a theme for light mode and dark mode, and then alfred will auto switch with the OS. I think this is a reasonable request
  6. Maybe he wants Alfred theme to change with the OS throughout the day?
  7. Yeah, I just pulled and merge locally so I can have that support. Thanks. I’ll test tomorrow.
  8. @Andy RosenThe best approach I can think of is if you offer a v2 that utilizes the lastpass-cli that integrates last pass dumping out as json. Check the GitHub for the PR which supports this. It would make your workflow so much more fluid.
  9. @Andy Rosen I am receiving `JSON error: Invalid escape sequence around character 10600. in JSON:` Which at 10600 is this `"/Michelangelo\mic/` The backslash
  10. @Andrew See below. Mac Native Rendering Off Mac Native Rendering On
  11. I think this could be accomplished or implement better via a text buffer function. Similar to file buffer. Then you can either paste them all or even run a action on all selected text
  12. @nikivistill need it? Ensure you first set the SNIPPET_PATH variable to where your Alfred syncs those items. https://www.dropbox.com/s/bjoez9e1wsvoboa/Selection to Snippet.alfredworkflow?dl=0
  13. This is possible with a more advanced workflow. It would take a initial setup. But once setup should pretty straight forward. Created a POC. If you would like to see it and modify it please let me know. https://streamable.com/vxekr6
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