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  1. Try dragging the Alfred 4 app into the automations box
  2. FWIW, searching Instagram is pretty straight forward nowadays. Can likely get a example going if needed
  3. @Andrew @Vero Loving this release, especially embedded snippets. Any chance that embedded snippets will include snippet workflow triggers? That would help expand them to be more advanced. Also any hopes in getting snippets to allow regex patterns for snippet workflows? That would allow really advance snippets. Such as `dt.s.` could expand to the current date, or `d.s+7d` would expand to the date in 7 days,. A snippet regex trigger would look like `dt.([smlf])([+-])?(\d+)?([dwmy])?\.` which would allow any of those to trigger the snippet. KM supports this and is what I currently use
  4. @Andrew Just confirming for me at least that it runs fine on Big Sur
  5. This is possible with a snippet workflow. With this example you can set a workflow variable to control the date format import os import datetime env = os.environ date_format = env.get('date_format', '%Y-%m-%d') d = datetime.date.today() while d.weekday() != 4: d += datetime.timedelta(1) print d.strftime(date_format),
  6. I love the large type feature. It is great for when I need to share on my screen with someone who is looking at my screen or when I need to see something a bit bigger. But the thing I wish it could do is have a toggle when using it as a workflow object to be scrollable. Rather than dynamically changing font size to fit everything on screen, allow it to scroll vertically
  7. If spotlight works so should Alfred. Alfred uses spotlights index. I’d imagine something fishy is going on
  8. They should also be in the same clipboard. Take a SS to your clipboard then open alfreds clip. It should be the first option
  9. Key caste on GitHub, helps show you keys being pressed. Perhaps running that will show if it’s actually being register or not.
  10. Looking forward to the next release... eta 😅
  11. Likely it could. But there is also https://appmakes.io/paletro
  12. Not possible, Alfred doesn't support showing both at once. If you are open to using multiple software, BTT and Keyboard Maestro also have Clipboard managers. With KM, you could definitely achieve this behavior, and have Alfred show and the KM clipboard show as well
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