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  1. If you chose to get offend that’s fine. @vitor is being clear that to further assist you, it’s best if you can upload the workflow file. that has nothing to do with one’s intelligence
  2. Activity monitor is the only way that I know of. This has been required previously. Which likely is possible for Alfred to implement if it tracked process ID's but from what I read recently, it is not planned to be supported.
  3. https://streamable.com/m7xlyq If you don't already have PHP installed. You can do that via Homebrew. I will not be maintaining this as I don't use Qnip
  4. This support still seems haphazard. I see that it is using the common || operator found in many programming languages. But now the keyword field cant use || as a keyword trigger ? Which I used to use for a custom terminal command. Why wasn’t the keyword updated to just support a list interface like list filters or similar. Where you can clearly define many keywords, not have to worry about them being slammed together into a tiny text field, and also not be restricted by character usage.
  5. When using Variables in the List Filter descriptions, the proceeding text is truncated. Here you can see I have a variable of length that I am injecting into the Subtitle. You can see when I trigger it, KEYS is cut out of the subtitle. s
  6. Basically you need to Copy the PHP then create the Script Filter and then update the HTTP URL, USERNAME and PASSWORD fields in the Script Filter
  7. Actually it would likely be a trivial task to just add an option on this snippet level to `Mark as transient ` when creating a snippet. Which defaulting to that is like what they already do.
  8. Yes, it just took me a minute to see why it wasn't working. For now, I've added a check in my workflow to ensure there is a top most window
  9. Hello, I noticed today when I was using my Workflow that leverages various Window Management automation tasks that argv input handling can cause a error in the a Window does not have focus. What is happening is that when you click on the Desktop and don't focus a window, and then trigger a workflow that using something like `half-right` or any other present, the `argv` that is passed to the window-bounds.js doesn't have the correct amount of arguments and you end up getting a `../window-bounds.js: execution error: Error: Error: Invalid index. (-1719)` The fix is fairly straight forward (in fact I did it locally) and that is to first check argv length at the beginning of run to be >= 3 and then in any of the conditionals that accept 3+ more argv validate the length again before accessing
  10. I actually use Alfred to launch many keyboard maestro macros as well
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