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  1. When you have Alfred configured to appear on the active screen, should large type also appear on the active screen? If so, then I’ll submit a bug report as my large type always appears on the active display, even when my second display is active.
  2. I’ll use github or Dropbox from now on. I could have swore text expansion worked in those fields. How odd, I wonder why I had though that. Thanks for expanding on this and providing a solution.
  3. I’m currently on the fence for this request. Syncing could be done via Zero Knowledge Encryption. So being sync’d wouldn’t really be a risk, if it was only unencrypted on the end devices. The amount of data would be the true limitation in my eyes. But still could be done relatively cheap I believe.
  4. I think this would be the right way. https://developers.google.com/identity/protocols/OAuth2
  5. this might be perfect actually ! Thanks for the idea.
  6. Funny thing is that is shows up with a man command. So it wasn't the workflow it's self. Anyway, using a regex pattern that strings all random chars from the beginning and end of the descriptions. And since its caching, I didn't notice a noticeable impact on performance. You can either type man workflow:update to trigger the update and then man workflow:delcache to rebuild your cache, or just wait for them to trigger themselves. man -k -P cat . | grep automation_trampoline attach_automation_image(8), -(8) - ."====================== attach_automation_image attach and initialize disk images for automation_trampoline(8) ." ." automation_trampoline(8), -(8) - ."====================== automation_trampoline runs automation on boot ." ." ." ." makewhatis: /usr/lib/./libgutenprint.2.dylib: No such file or directory
  7. Does this prompt you for your password or is it functional without those prompts ?
  8. Ah I was misunderstanding you. I’ll have a look! Thanks!
  9. Currently I do generate a html file and then it’s cached for 30 days. I could make the cache time configurable, but it is already able to build on demand the. Open in a default browser. hmmm solutions solutions.
  10. This is all very valuable feedback. Expect update to resolve these issues within a day. Thankfully, this workflow will auto update! As for your quick look question, that’s an idea. I’ll research it and see if I can get it working !
  11. Utilizing Alfred amazing launcher abilities, I've got a few workflows that include passing a password to a command, because I didn't want to type decrypt XXXXXXX (Password) I use a Applescript to prompt me for a secure entry dialog and pass that to my commands, any way to add a "Secure Entry" object that is configured to mask input and strip from debug logs ?
  12. Please post in the feature request section to get this some attention.
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