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  1. no worries I'll test it now lol *Edit* Nope doesn't look like it worked sadly. *Edit 2* Actually scratch that it did work! I just had an extra character I had to remove. This is great thanks again!!
  2. This is perfect!!! Thanks so much I was able to tweak the URL to just what I needed. One last question, is it possible to make this accept the query as either comma separated or space separated? I tried switching the input to {query} but doesn't look like that worked. Possibly because of the <?php ?> tag I would guess.
  3. Hi there, I was curious if there was a workflow to open the same url multiple times but with different queries. For example: Keyword is 'o' Linked to Open URL: https://domain.com/install/config/{query} This currently opens the url and runs a search for the query I input. I'm currently not able to look up more than one query at a time. Ideally I'd like to create a workflow that would allow me to open multiple urls with different variable queries. o query1,query2,query3 and have 3 or more tabs open with the desired url and query
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