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  1. I've not seen any issues until recently – hence raising it here. It looks like something's changed (I guess either in my machine's boot order, or in DriveFS) that now means it's slower to mount compared to the speed which Alfred expects it to be there, and so I'm seeing this error for the first time. Thanks for your response though, both
  2. Fair enough, thanks for the pointer! Just as an opinion, I think my bug / FR stands, though – given that this error path exists, my (uneducated) guess is that it would be simple enough for the app to make this more resilient and so not require users to DIY.
  3. Thanks deanishe – just to clarify, are you suggesting that Alfred should add this LaunchAgent when the user adds a sync path? Or that I should write this myself?
  4. Hi Alfred team, I use Google Drive File Stream (https://support.google.com/a/answer/7491144?hl=en) to sync my Alfred preferences to my work Google Drive account. Rather than taking space on the hard drive, this creates a virtual file system (FUSE style) which presents all of my Drive data as a network mount and gets necessary files just in time. Until recently this worked great, but unfortunately in the last couple of months I've been getting this error when starting my computer: The error is correct – the volume isn't mounted yet – but it means I need to quit and then restart Alfred to get my saved / synced config. Has something changed here? Or have I just gotten unlucky? And either way, please could you consider adding a wait here to allow the volume time to appear before failing? Or is there a workaround I should know about? Thanks!
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