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  1. @kimhn That might be possible, but since I don't have multiple users in my plan I'm unable to test (and it's a bit pricy to upgrade 😅). If you have a test account and you're ok with sharing the api token I can see what I can do (you can revoke the API-token anytime).
  2. For those interested, I've just released a new Harvest plugin which is very similar to this one:
  3. Hi everyone, Here’s my new workflow for tracking time with Harvest. It’s heavily inspired by Neil Renicker’s Harvest workflow which stopped working for me (and will be retired soon). Start, stop and adjust timers Delete timers Add/append notes API token is stored in keychain (no password used for authenticating) Uses the latest Harvest API (v2) Installation & setup Install the latest version which you can find under Releases. Make sure you have node.js installed. To check run `node -v` from your terminal. Go to https://id.getharvest.com/developers › 'Create New Personal Access Token' and give it a name, i.e. 'Alfred workflow'. Copy the access token and remember your Account ID. Type `hvs` and press 'enter', Paste the API token and press 'enter', Type your 6-digit Account ID and press 'enter', Type `hvn` and start your first timer! *The first time you run the workflow you may be prompted to grant access to the API token (which is stored in your Keychain). More information: https://github.com/ajilderda/alfred-harvest-v2 Download: https://github.com/ajilderda/alfred-harvest-v2/releases/latest Enjoy!
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