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  1. Hi @deanishe sure, you're welcome to use it for your workflows.
  2. Hi, unfortunately that does not help me at all to know what's happening. If you have a Github account you can check the issues template here https://github.com/biati-digital/alfred-calculate-anything/issues/new?assignees=&labels=&template=bug_report.md so you can respond some questions and provide the required information so i can take a look.
  3. Hi @fatherfork an update was just released, please try it and let me know if the update solves your issue.
  4. Updated 2.0.3 - New: Improved currency conversion speed. - New: You can use quick calculations for VAT. - New: Added calculate clear to easily clear the workflow cache, settings or both. - Changed: Vat action modifiers to be the same as currency, etc. - Fixed: months to year calculation - Fixed: updater error causing the workflow to not work Download the latest release from https://github.com/biati-digital/alfred-calculate-anything/releases or open Alfred and type calculate update
  5. Thank you @az566 I'm glad you like it. Hope more people get to know about this workflow.
  6. Hi @tosbsas you need to set the timezone like America/Lima https://www.zeitverschiebung.net/en/timezone/america--lima https://www.php.net/manual/es/timezones.america.php Please try it and let me know if it works-
  7. Hi everyone. I don't know what's the best way to notify about updates to the users? do I simply put a comment here? do I update the main post? I just want people to know that the workflow is maintained in case they want to use it. Anyway the workflow was rewritten, added cryptocurrency support, there was 3 or 4 updates with bug fixes and improvements since the last time I published a comment here in the forum.
  8. I've published a fix for the configuration error, the settings are now saved keeping upper and lowercase. For the other thing you mention please first try the update otherwise you need to be more specific, what's your currency, your locale, give me an example of the output you are expecting, etc. something that helps me to make some tests otherwise there's nothing I can do.
  9. The workflow includes a list of currencies, just Open Alfred and type calculate select "list available units and currencies" then you can type your country name to get the currency code (press enter to copy the currency code) or if you prefer here is a list online https://www.iban.com/currency-codes For dates, you can find here the available options to format the date the way you want. If you do not understand what you have to do in that page then go to this other page you can visually create the date in the format you want. In the section "Build your own" you can for example sele
  10. Hi @NathanMcKnight I've updated the workflow to fix the problems you mention, please note there are some conversions that are not yet supported for example: 1 m3 to m 1 ft2 to in 144 in to ft2 The rest should be working fine, I'll be adding more units as soon as I have some free time. To install the update just open Alfred and type calculate and select check for updates.
  11. Hi, I'm glad you like this workflow, about decimals and commas in currency I've fixed the error, I'll publish the update tomorrow. About the workdays calculations I like that idea, it has been implemented, please check for updates tomorrow just open Alfred and type calculate and select check for updates.
  12. Hi @NathanMcKnight thank you for trying the workflow, the error you mention has been fixed in version 1.0.5 please download the latest version from Github also automatic updates have been added so this is the last time you have to manually download an update. Thank you for your nice words.
  13. Hi @vitor I've added OneUpdater, did some tests and it seems to work without problems, it's now available in version 1.0.5 with some changes and bug fixes and a new way to configure the workflow. Thank you for OneUpdater it is really simple to use.
  14. Hi @vitor is there a difference between setting "download_type" to "github_release" and setting the download type to direct and in the workflow_url setting the url to the latest release for example "https://github.com/user/repo/releases/latest/download/weorkflowname.alfredworkflow"? Also after implementing the updater I did a test and it notified me about and update (it downloaded the workflow from GitHub correctly and asked me to update, everything good here) except that there was no update, the thing is that I forgot to push the updated "info.plist" to GitHub (the one in GitHub s
  15. Hi @Thomas Dunne you are right, as a non us citizen I forgot to add those units, I'll be updating the workflow with this and if I find some other useful units I'll add them.
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