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  1. Hi there, as a user of Typinator - is there a similar tool to import existing Typinator lists (file.tyset) to Alfred snippets? Or - perhaps more simple - to import csv-files or txt-files to a new snippet collection? Best regards, StDt
  2. For all QNAP users: To have the automatic detection of Shares working you have to activate beside the Apple Networking (AFP) also the Microsoft Networking on your QNAP NAS under "Network Services" > "Microsoft Networking".
  3. Hi Tom Hunt, tried to download the windowmanager from tom-hunt.co.uk/ftpguest/alfred/WindowManager.alfredworkflow Got a URL not found error. Could anybody provide that WindowManager Workflow? Thanks
  4. That didn't work for me. I changed line 169 to: $w->result( 'weather', 'http://www.wunderground.com'.$location, $weather-display_location->full.": ".$weather->weather, round($weather->temp_f).'°F | Feels Like '.$weather-feelslike_f.'°F | Wind '.lcfirst($weather->wind_string) , $icon ); And line 171 to: $w->result( 'weather', 'http://www.wunderground.com'.$location, $weather->display_location->full.": ".$weather->weather, round($weather->temp_c).'°C | Feels Like '.$weather->feelslike_c.'°C | Wind '.lcfirst($weather->wind_string) , $icon ); "Feels Like" will not be displayed. Still got only "High - Low - Precipitation".
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