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    StDt reacted to pstadler in Mount network shares with automatic discovery   
    This is a workflow to mount your network shares with automatic discovery. No configuration or bookmarks required!
    Download — stable version. Please report problems here. Your computer won't explode and your shares are safe, I promise.

    Make sure that both, Apple Filing Protocol (afp) and Samba (short smb, QNAP calls it "Microsoft Network") are enabled on your NAS. Due to the nature of the protocols and the available tools on OSX, both of them are required in order to disover network shares in your network. Also note that already mounted shares are not listed in Alfred. Enable guest access to the NAS, not for a specific share, but for the system in general if things don't work.
    The source code is available here: https://github.com/pstadler/alfred-mount
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    StDt reacted to Benzi in Battery - view summary stats about your laptop battery   
    Description: Shows summary information about your laptop battery (charge, time, status, charge cycles, and health - % of maximum charge your battery can now hold compared to its original design capacity)
    Usage: enter the keyword "battery"
    Tested on: Mountain Lion, MacBook Pro
    Download: from here
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