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  1. I can get the markdown-format link from browser, like [Outer space - Wikipedia](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Outer_space) and it’s convenient to paste to markdown supporting app like Typora, as Outer space - Wikipedia but some apps, like Words and OneNote, don’t support the format. After pasting, it shows as the original code. Is there any workflow can do this conversion automatically by shortcut? In other words, when I have the markdown-format link in my clipboard and press the shortcut in Words or OneNote, a hyperlink-with-text would be generated in my notes.
  2. Good idea. I update it as showed below! Probably the last two questions: 1. Should I add “valid = False” here? It’s not the case from your link but from your repo. 2. Should I put the update module in the position of 1 or 2? Or both are fine? Because the example given in your link and repo is a bit different.
  3. @deanishe Thank you for your reply. I looked through your link and several repos in your GitHub and finally published it on GitHub. Could you please help me to check the self-update part in the main python file? Whether I write it correctly? It’s a very short code so won’t waste you lots of time. I also hope to confirm two things: 1. If I get it right from your link, I don’t need to type `__version__ = 'x.x.x'` and `’version': __version__` in my source code if I assign the version number every time I export the alfredworkflow file (showed as below), which also modify the plist file. In this case, should I keep the version number in my source code? 2. Is it true that up to know, the next time when I release a new version in this Github repo, my users will get the update automatically? Thank you so much!
  4. I’m a newbie to both Alfred development and GitHub version control. I built a new Alfred workflow called Sequential Strings Creator published on Github. I read some documents such as "Exporting and Sharing Workflows” but still confuse about the mechanism of shared release. That is, how should I release the next version so that other Alfred users can get it via the bundle ID? I plan to release the next version by the following steps: Clone the repo from Github remote to local Modify the files and fix the bugs Push the new repo back to the GitHub Release a new version by GitHub with the corresponding alfredworkflow file Is it true that by these procedures, this new version would be received by other Alfred users who use this workflow? Otherwise, what else should I do? Also, is there any method to check whether the release is successfully received by others?
  5. @Vero Thanks. It works! But if I can do it with a shortcut, that would be better. Is it possible to get access to the Alfred Snippet setting itself using Alfred workflow? If yes, I would spend sometimes writing a workflow. Best,
  6. Hi there, IMO adding a turn-on/off shortcut of Alfred Snippet would be extremely convenient... I know that we’re allowed to exclude some apps out of the Alfred Snippet. However, there are always some special cases that I wanna turn off the Alfred Snippet temporarily in the apps where I always prefer Alfred Snippet support.
  7. Underrated snippet! So pity I didn’t figure it out early! Thanks a lot!
  8. link to light theme is broken!
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