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  1. Good idea. I update it as showed below! Probably the last two questions: 1. Should I add “valid = False” here? It’s not the case from your link but from your repo. 2. Should I put the update module in the position of 1 or 2? Or both are fine? Because the example given in your link and repo is a bit different.
  2. @deanishe Thank you for your reply. I looked through your link and several repos in your GitHub and finally published it on GitHub. Could you please help me to check the self-update part in the main python file? Whether I write it correctly? It’s a very short code so won’t waste you lots of time. I also hope to confirm two things: 1. If I get it right from your link, I don’t need to type `__version__ = 'x.x.x'` and `’version': __version__` in my source code if I assign the version number every time I export the alfredworkflow file (showed as below), which a
  3. I’m a newbie to both Alfred development and GitHub version control. I built a new Alfred workflow called Sequential Strings Creator published on Github. I read some documents such as "Exporting and Sharing Workflows” but still confuse about the mechanism of shared release. That is, how should I release the next version so that other Alfred users can get it via the bundle ID? I plan to release the next version by the following steps: Clone the repo from Github remote to local Modify the files and fix the bugs Push the n
  4. @Vero Thanks. It works! But if I can do it with a shortcut, that would be better. Is it possible to get access to the Alfred Snippet setting itself using Alfred workflow? If yes, I would spend sometimes writing a workflow. Best,
  5. Hi there, IMO adding a turn-on/off shortcut of Alfred Snippet would be extremely convenient... I know that we’re allowed to exclude some apps out of the Alfred Snippet. However, there are always some special cases that I wanna turn off the Alfred Snippet temporarily in the apps where I always prefer Alfred Snippet support.
  6. Underrated snippet! So pity I didn’t figure it out early! Thanks a lot!
  7. link to light theme is broken!
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