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  1. Thank you! I'm on macOS 10.15.1, Alfred 4.0.6 with Powerpack. I do have an external display sometimes. I'll check next time this happens to see if the first suggestion is the one for me... thanks! (Although... I just had a look and "Save position when dragging Alfred main window" is unchecked - screen grab attached). I don't have syncing enabled (syncing: Not synced). Thanks for the super fast response, and I'll post an update when I have one...
  2. Hello For the last couple of days I've opened up my laptop, hit cmd+space and Alfred doesn't popup. I've found I have to go to Activity monitor, kill Alfred, and then relaunch it. Not sure how to track down what's causing this (obviously racking my brains for anything I've changed in the last couple of days, but coming up blank). Any suggestions for tracking this down? Thanks! Richard
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