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  1. Maybe it fails to rewrite the symbolic links? Anyway, if you have a test scenario you want me to try just say the word.
  2. Worked like a charm Thanks. btw - I originally extracted the archive with iUnarchive if you wish to investigate whether it fails to unzip Alfred
  3. Totally understandable,it's all written in good faith to help my favorite app become even more awesome
  4. I had a really bad user experience upgrading to Alfred v2. It feels that with the (totally understandable) excitement and workload involved with version 2 you lost the sight of the user experience for existing users. Some examples - I did not receive any upgrade notice by mail nor within Alfred, I only learned about it because I follow Alfred on twitter. When I went to Alfredapp.com site, I couldn't find any "Upgrade Alfred!" notice on the front page, or any text or link targeting existing users for that matter. When I installed Alfred v2 (Which does not work for me btw, posted a bug report about that) I did not get an "Upgrade Powerpack" notice and learned that I need to upgrade only after trying to enter my old Powerpack license key. When I encountered some upgrade problems I expected to have a direct support link for paying customers in the support section but couldn't find any. Now that I released some steam I just want to say that I use Alfred since forever, from the days it was a pet project and I love it. I can't imagine working on a Mac without Alfred, it's the first app I install on Mac newbies computers' and I guess that as long I'll be using a Mac it will be the first app I install. Just writing this because Alfred is an example of good UX for me, and it hurts a bit to see it fail in that area.
  5. Hi, I've been using Alfred for forever and practically can't work without it. I upgraded today to v2 and had a very bad upgrade experience - Migration did not restart Alfred nor shut down Alfred v1, the features tab did not load and currently I'm stuck with a non functioning Alfred and the preferences window never loads and always crash. What I did - - I downloaded Alfred Alfred_2.0.1_173 (and upgraded to the Mega Supporter license), Installed it, pressed the Migrate button but Alfred did not restart. - Restarted manually, quitted Alfred v1 manually, Alfred v2 loaded but I got an empty features (Can't remember if thats the right tab name) tab in the preferences. I thought maybe the migrate went wrong and migrated again, same result. I then went to look through the Advanced tab thinking I might find a solution there, and while at it turned on the sync, creating an "Alfred" folder in my dropbox and moving my preferences there. Again, Alfred restart did not work and I restarted manually, Since then I can't open the preferences and Alfred itself only opens the text window but it doesn't function. Thinking it's the sync that killed Alfred I tried to delete all my alfred.alfredpreferences files, tried to delete com.runningwithcrayons.Alfred-2 and com.runningwithcrayons.Alfred-2.plist files and reinstall Alfred... nothing works. I'm Alfredless. I stopped and went here because I don't want to delete any Alfred v1 file accidentally and lose All my presets. Also, I found the crash report logs but I don't know how to analyse them (can't find an 'upload file' button here so I've put the latest one in my dropbox) - https://dl.dropbox.com/u/1119485/Alfred%20Preferences_2013-03-18-000225_Toms-MacBook-Air.crash Please help.
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