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  1. If you're open, try Chrome with Chrome Control. https://github.com/bit2pixel/chrome-control/releases/tag/v1.0.0
  2. AH. Now that you mention it, that's probably the cause. Came from a time before I used DownMedia. Removed it now. :D
  3. @vitor Just wanted to say that I ran into an issue downloading YouTube videos, dug around a bit, and then realized that your workflow has a dependency on youtube-dl for those links. Problem resolved itself after a brew upgrade. The debug didn't offer much in the way of advice. Would it make sense to build in some validation of the dependencies when the script throws an error? That way it'd be just a little bit easier for us to "self serve" when an error occurs. Goes without saying i'm incredibly grateful, not just for your plugin but also for the fact it's kept updated. 😁
  4. Not till 5 minutes ago. It's markedly faster! Thank you very much!
  5. I need a workflow that can search through Chrome tabs. I'm currently using Chrome Control - https://github.com/bit2pixel/chrome-control I was hoping to find one that's actively being maintained (and hopefully even faster). It isn't working correctly but the creator is not responding.
  6. In the end, I took the script that you wrote for hyper and used it for kitty. It does exactly what I needed it to do. I'll probably come back to this if I ever wanted to do something more complex.
  7. Thank you so much! I think I may have just enough to give it a go. 😄
  8. Hi! I need some help changing the default terminal to kitty. I did go over another thread Change default Terminal to Hyper.is ? and I understand it's a workaround. From what i've understood, for the best result, the application should support Applescript. 1. How do I assess if something has support for Applescript and what it has support for? 2. Where's the best resource for learning to do Applescript? I'm happy to take a stab at it. All I need is for someone to point me in the right direction.
  9. Curious - why won't it run on your MacBook?
  10. I have a similar kind of problem with using the da command. It keeps saving it as OPUS. OS ver: 10.15.4 Alfred ver: 4.09 Workflow ver: 20.2 Youtube-dl ver: 2020.05.03 (installed via brew) ffmpeg ver: 4.2.2 Workflow env vars Log cap [17:40:39.098] DownMedia[Script Filter] Queuing argument '' [17:40:39.800] DownMedia[Script Filter] Script with argv '' finished [17:40:39.804] DownMedia[Script Filter] {"items":[{"uid":"downmedia audio","subtitle":"Add to WatchList (⌥): true 𐄁 Full Playlist (⌘): false","valid":true,"variables":{"media_type":"audio","add_to_watchlist":true,"full_playlist":false},"mods":{"cmd":{"subtitle":"Add to WatchList (⌥): true 𐄁 Full Playlist (⌘): true","variables":{"media_type":"audio","Add_to_watchlist":true,"full_playlist":true}},"alt":{"subtitle":"Add to WatchList (⌥): false 𐄁 Full Playlist (⌘): false","variables":{"media_type":"audio","add_to_watchlist":false,"full_playlist":false}},"cmd+alt":{"subtitle":"Add to WatchList (⌥): false 𐄁 Full Playlist (⌘): true","variables":{"media_type":"audio","add_to_watchlist":false,"full_playlist":true}}},"title":"Act On Instinct - YouTube Music","arg":"https://music.youtube.com/watch?v=tWwoyxHl7X8&list=RDAMVMtWwoyxHl7X8"}]} [17:40:40.493] DownMedia[Script Filter] Processing complete [17:40:40.496] DownMedia[Script Filter] Passing output 'https://music.youtube.com/watch?v=tWwoyxHl7X8&list=RDAMVMtWwoyxHl7X8' to Run Script [17:40:49.448] STDERR: DownMedia[Run Script] xattr: No such file: /Users/xyz/Downloads/Act On Instinct.webm 55:194: execution error: Alfred 4 got an error: Cannot find workflow with Id 'com.vitorgalvao.alfred.watchlist' (-2) You do not have WatchList installed. Download it at https://github.com/vitorgalvao/alfred-workflows/tree/master/WatchList [17:40:49.457] DownMedia[Run Script] Processing complete [17:40:49.458] DownMedia[Run Script] Passing output '' to Run Script If you need any additional information or need me to try out anything, please let me know. Regardless, thank you for this awesome workflow! 😁
  11. If you guys use Google Drive File Stream, you can search it like you search Google Drive files like you search for any regular file in Alfred.
  12. I just wanted to let you know that I did try to test it out in as systematically as I could - however I could not replicate the problem by going through the test cases like this. The waking and sleeping alone doesn't produce this problem. Maybe it has to go into hibernation in order to manifest itself. Machine Type: MacBook Pro 2015 OS: macOS Catalina 10.15.2
  13. Hi! I'm from the other thread. You're right about Alfred rendering off-screen. I'm using an MBPR 2015. The last thing I did was - when I put my computer to sleep, I had already disconnected the external monitor. Before I opened the lid today, I had already connected the external monitor. That said, i'm not able to replicate this behaviour consistently. In any case, the workaround was for me to reconnect the external monitor. Happy to live with this till there's a fix.
  14. Hey @deanishe I'm trying to trigger your workflow to open a specific tab using Karabiner Elements. One example is, I'm hoping to send "tab YouTube Music" in order to jump straight to my YouTube Music tab. I've looked around the forum a bit. I found this one thread. I tried it but this is way over my head. https://www.alfredforum.com/topic/11034-syntax-to-trigger-workflow-from-karabiner-elements-json-file Appreciate any help you can give. Thanks!
  15. Do you sync your preferences? No, I don't sync my prefs. Do you have an external screen? Do you plug and unplug from it? Yes I do! I'll try this out. I'll have to check when I encounter this next. Do you have any errors in Console after wake? I'll have to check when I encounter this next. If you fully quit Karabiner and any other apps that may be interfering, does the issue still occur? I'll try the two above first and then i'll come around to this. Thanks!
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