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  1. I think I found the problem... When I brought Music.app forward a couple hours later, I got a pop-up asking me to allow Alfred to control it. I said OK and now the mini-player comes up immediately and seems to work with no issues.
  2. 1. Launched the mini-player with 'itunes' keyword 2. The application was unresponsive until I force quit it 2a. Upon 2nd attempt, a window briefly appeared after about 30 seconds showing it searching through genres, tracks, etc. but then Alfred was unresponsive again until I force quit it 2b. Upon 3rd attempt, a window showing what I assume is the mini-player (I am a brand-new user) appeared after about 60 seconds, but then the app freezes for another 60 seconds or so after any attempt to select an option here. Eventually I got a list of albums but I gave up. Alfred
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