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  1. Thanks for quick reply! I'll explain. There's a zotero plugin called ODF/RTF scan. It generates Scannable Cite keys for the references in the Zotero library in this format : { | Allwood, et al., 1977 | | |zu:2513167:2MW7WLNQ}. Those keys can be inserted into any text document, which is then exported to LibreOffice format. Then ODF/RTF scan literally scans the document for those keys and convert them to proper in-text citations. It sounds a bit complicated, but for people writing long work in programs such as Scrivener this is almost the standard workflow. The cool thing is that if we're able to insert the citekeys directly with ZotHero, the whole writing experience is much faster. ZotHero has the potential. There's an Apple Script called 'zotpick' that does the job, but I think ZotHero would be better since Alfred is so powerful.
  2. ZotHero in Alfred currently exports formatted in-text citations or bibliography entries. Is there any way to set it to export the 'Scannable Cite' format citation keys? Thanks for any lead!
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