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  1. Thanks for quick reply! I'll explain. There's a zotero plugin called ODF/RTF scan. It generates Scannable Cite keys for the references in the Zotero library in this format : { | Allwood, et al., 1977 | | |zu:2513167:2MW7WLNQ}. Those keys can be inserted into any text document, which is then exported to LibreOffice format. Then ODF/RTF scan literally scans the document for those keys and convert them to proper in-text citations. It sounds a bit complicated, but for people writing long work in programs such as Scrivener this is almost the standard workflow. The co
  2. ZotHero in Alfred currently exports formatted in-text citations or bibliography entries. Is there any way to set it to export the 'Scannable Cite' format citation keys? Thanks for any lead!
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