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  1. Hi, My Alfred just auto-updated to 2.0.2, but 2.0.1 was NOT set for pre-releases. Is 2.0.2 final now, or does that indicate a bug in 2.0.1? Thanks!
  2. Never mind....my mistake... I found that if I press Cmd-2, the next time I do 'define pit', it is once again restored to its proper place at the top of the list... which means this was obviously something I did by using its shortcut key. It merely learned as Alfred does, and put it at the top of the list for me.
  3. Hmm... in reverting temporarily to 1.3.3, I've found that pint and pict were also suggested for pit, so that part of my query appears to be a non-issue, but I did find that, under 1.3.3, pit comes first in the list, as one would expect. Under 2.0.1, tip is first. Strange. Given that, perhaps this should be a bug report (even though admittedly minor) after all?
  4. Hi, Please forgive me if this is posted in the wrong forum, but I don't think this fits as either a bug report or a feature request. I could be wrong, but it seems as though the behaviour of the 'define' keyword has changed compared to v1. If I type: 'define pit' I get words suggested which contain any combination of those letters, in any order. 'tip' comes first, and 'pit' is actually second, which is slightly puzzling. Also suggested are spit, pict, and pint. It seems to me (though I could well be mistaken) that v1 would have presented only words which start with
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