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  1. That did it. I could swear I tried the earlier. Oh well. Thank you.
  2. I made a simple workflow a while back to rename tv show files using 'tvnamer'. Most of the time files don't have the episode's name within their title and it's even more uncommon for there to be an apostrophe as well. So since Alfred doesn't offer escaping single quotes, I was wondering what I could do to fix this. The workflow just has (one or more) files passed through to: /usr/local/bin/tvnamer -q -c /Users/Daniel/.mytvnamerconfig.json {query}
  3. Creating a new user did not remedy the issue either.
  4. Unfortunately, restarting my Mac did not fix it. I found two other trigger workflows to test and one of them produced the same error as mine. This is my problematic workflow: download The other problematic workflow: download The one that actually works for me: download
  5. After updating to 2.5 my workflow that uses the 'run trigger' funtion via Applescript no longer works. After running: tell application "Alfred 2" to run trigger "setup" in workflow "j.setup.display" The debugger returns: error "Alfred 2 got an error: AppleEvent handler failed." number -10000
  6. Both 'separator' and 'precision' I'm afraid. There was no error in the debug window.
  7. Recently I upgraded to Mavericks and could not get the workflow to recognise the config file values. I had to edit 'alfred_convert.py' to actually change them.
  8. Much like how you can disable workflows and web searches, how about an option to disable workflow objects? Sometimes I find myself with objects that I don't want to immediately remove yet they still clutter up the workflow space. Along with an option to disable them you could add a toggle next to the top row of option buttons (debug, options, add) that makes them visible/invisible.
  9. Thanks mate. That looks a lot nicer than what I've been using. I'll be sure to clean up my other workflows too.
  10. Sure. This the script filter: cat << EOB <?xml version="1.0"?> <items> <item uid="fixjdownloader" arg="jdownloader" valid="YES" autocomplete="pictures" type="file"> <title>JDownloader</title> <icon type="fileicon">/Applications/JDownloader.app</icon> </item> <item uid="fixtransmission" arg="transmission" valid="YES" autocomplete="transmission" type="file"> <title>Transmission</title> <icon type="fileicon">/Applications/Transmission.app</icon> </item> <item uid="fixalfred" arg="alfred" valid="YES" autocomplete="alfred" type="file"> <title>Alfred</title> <icon type="fileicon">/Applications/Alfred 2.app</icon> </item> <item uid="fixcandybar" arg="candybar" valid="YES" autocomplete="candybar" type="file"> <title>CandyBar</title> <icon type="fileicon">/Applications/CandyBar.app</icon> </item> <item uid="fix4chan" arg="4chan" valid="YES" autocomplete="4chan" type="file"> <title>4chan</title> <icon>4chan.png</icon> </item> <item uid="fixdropbox" arg="dropbox" valid="YES" autocomplete="dropbox" type="file"> <title>Dropbox</title> <icon type="fileicon">/Applications/Dropbox.app</icon> </item> <item uid="fixfinder" arg="finder" valid="YES" autocomplete="finder" type="file"> <title>Finder</title> <icon type="fileicon">/System/Library/CoreServices/Finder.app</icon> </item> <item uid="fixtrackpad" arg="trackpad" valid="YES" autocomplete="trackpad" type="file"> <title>Trackpad</title> <icon>trackpad.png</icon> </item> <item uid="fix hyperdock" arg="hyperdock" valid="YES" autocomplete="hyperdock" type="file"> <title>HyperDock</title> <icon type="fileicon">/Users/Daniel/Library/PreferencePanes/HyperDock.prefpane/Contents/Resources/HyperDock Helper.app</icon> </item> <item uid="fixmplayerx" arg="mplayerx" valid="YES" autocomplete="mplayerx" type="file"> <title>MPlayerX</title> <icon type="fileicon">/Applications/MPlayerX.app</icon> </item> <item uid="fixxtrafinder" arg="xtrafinder" valid="YES" autocomplete="xtrafinder" type="file"> <title>XtraFinder</title> <icon type="fileicon">/Applications/XtraFinder.app</icon> </item> <item uid="fixitunes" arg="itunes" valid="YES" autocomplete="itunes" type="file"> <title>iTunes</title> <icon type="fileicon">/Applications/iTunes.app</icon> </item> <item uid="fixremotedesktop" arg="remotedesktop" valid="YES" autocomplete="remote desktop" type="file"> <title>Remote Desktop</title> <icon type="fileicon">/System/Library/CoreServices/Screen Sharing.app</icon> </item> </items> EOB
  11. I have a basic script filter that displays a number of results. Initially when you type the first letter of the result you want it starts to narrow it down but after that the results stay the same. Any ideas?
  12. What part of which file would I have to modify in order for it to allow a space between the value and unit (for every query, not just currencies)? For example rather than u 20usd to aud I'd like it be u 20 usd to aud Thanks.
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