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  1. thanks Benzi, I will look into transforming this into a Statusboard version this weekend and keep you informed j
  2. Hello, I am unable to get this to work, when i select a file in DB and press cntrl/command/D it open a finder window at the desktop level, what am i dong wrong? I am sure this is operator error thanks in advance, j
  3. Hi Benzi, I have another question/request/idea I have been using Panic's new app called status board http://panic.com/statusboard/ and it can display CSV files, can the todo file be output as a csv? thanks in advance, j
  4. Thanks for considering my request Benzi! when i open the file that todo makes now in TaskPaper (as you probably know) it gives me a great deal of Python code I presently have my todo yaml file saved to a folder in dropbox and can add and delete todos from any of my macs which is great, I guess i am just looking for a solution that would allow me to interact with them on iOS thanks again for your great work, j
  5. I love this workflow! I have a request that needs to reside outside the workflow but that would accomplish the following 2 things: 1. at certain times a day, a scheduled automator process would export my todo list to a plain text document readable with Taskpaper on iOS (synced to dropbox) 2. I could add tasks to that text document in a way that it would get reimported into the Alfred todo automatically (again possibly with an automator scheduled task) is this possible, is this of interest to others? jac
  6. thanks, i was successful in getting it to work using my gmail account but would much prefer to be able to use my .mac account, thanks for your work! jac
  7. Hello, I don't understand which email and password to input? i have tried my any.do account data and my email data and neither seem to work, can you help j
  8. Hello, just tried your workflow, it works great. Do you think there would be a way to decide from Alfred in which note the todo ends up?
  9. I have a workflow request: I am a Podio user and can add tasks by sending emails to a specific email address. I would love to be able to create the subject and the body text of an email going to a specific address right from Alfred (ideally without having to go through the Mail.app.) if you have ideas on how to achieve this, I am available for testing, jac
  10. Hello all, I am an Alfred fan boy who would love to see a workflow that would allow adding tasks to Podio form Alfred. Are any of the talented people here interested in tackling that challenge. Podio has an API but I don't even know where to start. any help or advice would be much appreciated j
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