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    gautjac reacted to Benzi in "Todo" - a todo list workflow, with Remember The Milk (beta) support   
    Status board looks cool. I think I can get a CSV export functionality in place easily, and will include it in the next version.
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    gautjac reacted to Benzi in "Todo" - a todo list workflow, with Remember The Milk (beta) support   
    Until I get something more robust in place - here is a manual workaround approach in v1.6
    I have included the option to export and import todo lists in Taskpaper-like format. So you can export your current todo list to an existing .Taskpaper file or the clipboard. You can import all items also from a .Taskpaper file. Since importing items always adds to the existing list, you should clear all items and then import the .taskpaper file.
    It is a slight pain though (because of the manual intervention required), but it should work.
    There are some limitations with the integration to Taskpaper (no support for notes, no sub projects, projects cannot have a space in between etc).
    PS. stumbled across this workflow called TodoFlow which has a Taskpaper-ready format for its todo files, maybe you can give that a try too - I haven't tried the workflow myself, but I did borrow some code for the import functionality.
    Download the latest version here or update via Alleyoop.
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    gautjac got a reaction from hansdorsch in ALFRED and Podio   
    Hello all, 
    I am an Alfred fan boy who would love to see a workflow that would allow adding tasks to Podio form Alfred. Are any of the talented people here interested in tackling that challenge. Podio has an API but I don't even know where to start. 
    any help or advice would be much appreciated
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    gautjac reacted to jdfwarrior in ALFRED and Podio   
    I'm willing to help once things slow down a little from the launch. If nobody else steps up and helps or you don't figure something else out, bump this thread and I'll try to help you figure something out.
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