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  1. Any ideas on this? Can anyone confirm that full text search within files on remote mounts works?
  2. Thanks @vitor. I had not seen that guide and the Catalina troubleshooting doc it links to, but, yeah, I had tried all of those steps. Spotlight works fine on the target volume. Alfred searches work as expected on local volume. Any help appreciated.
  3. I have a Synology share mounted on my Mac. I enabled a Spotlight index via mdutil -i on /Volumes/filecabinet/ Spotlight searches are now working as expected on that volume, but Alfred searches are not. I am using a file filter workflow for searching document contents. I am pretty certain the workflow is configured properly, because if I temporarily add a local volume to the Scope, I get the search results I expect. The "in" built-in search method is also not working on this volume. I figured this was a Catalina incompatibility with Alfred 3.x, so I upgraded my Alfred and Powerpack -- still no dice. Any ideas on this? Catalina 10.15.2 Alfred 4.0.7
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