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  1. This workflow interacts with the domoticz-webapi on your (local) domoticz-installation. For now you can show all devices in a specifc room (set in your workflow-environment). Theres interaction on light-devices which you can turn on and off. There are a lot of other devices to be added which I do not own, so thats a bit difficult to add. For now you can add other devices yourself by modifying the code on GitHub. https://github.com/wotell/alfred-workflow-domoticz http://www.packal.org/workflow/domoticz
  2. Because the previously shared workflows for IMDB-integration didn't work anymore I made my own. This is my first publicly shared workflow and this is also my first python-script. Probably things could have been programmed better, but it works for now. So its not really fancy, but I think its workable, as long as IMDB doesn't change the API. Hope this workflow is some use for you all. https://github.com/wotell/alfred-workflow-imdb/blob/master/bin/Search%20IMDB.alfredworkflow
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