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  1. Hi I would really like a workflow that helped me preform spellcheck. Something like selecting a text and pressing a hotkey the text is copied and sent to someware and checked I have Grammarly desktop app perhaps the text could to copied and automatically pasted into that? or perhaps it could be done on line? I don't know a lot about Alfred and the options in this case - I could imaging that something like it is already on the forum - but I couldn't find it. Thanks for helping
  2. Hi, I use an app called Franz every day, I use it for LinkedIn, GitHub, Slack, Discord, trello and Messenger and I switch between four different languages. To switch I right-click - Spell checking - "then I choose a language from a list".. I sometimes do this 25 times a day and it would be very nice just to have a short-cut to switch between the three languages I use the most. Is it possible to do with Alfred or with Automator? if so, could someone perhaps share this command or similar - it would be nice if I only had to change a few things as I don't have a lot of experience with Alfre
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