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  1. I've just updated Airmail to new 4th version. Nothing happened with the issue. Files still don't attach.
  2. @Vero one more update, maybe it could clarify something. I've just tried to set Spark as a default Mail app for Catalina (10.15.2). When I tried to email the file using the Action (Email to...) action from Alfred, Alfred opened the Mail.app instead of Spark. Even though Spark is set a a default app for Mail. Not sure if that's related but seems like a similar kind of an issue.
  3. @Vero I have Airmail 3.6.73 (557), sorry I did not mention this before. I believe, that's the latest version. Still does not work
  4. Yes, I did. I've restarted Mac and reinstalled Airmail from scratch as well, did not help. The only thing that seems related to this issue and the timing matches is error "Failed to create a desc with expected type (is 'furl' should be 'TEXT')" from Airmail.
  5. Both Airmail and Alfred granted full disk access. All is done again as you said from System Preferences. Nothing happened. Still doesn't work.
  6. I have the same issue with Airmail 2. All the permissions are given but choosing "email to" in actions do not attach chosen file to new email. In native Mail app this function works well. mac OS Catalina, Alfred 4.0.7 Build 1131
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