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  1. Thanks again @deanishe for your answer, everything is clear. (Which makes me think of the name of this movie: "Everything Is Illuminated", you should watch it if you can, it's one of my favourite movie ever https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0404030/ )
  2. ps I used to use Quiksilver and you could "upvote" or "downvote" a result to push it up or down. Am I correct in thinking there's no such thing in Alfred?
  3. Thanks for your detailed answer. Do you mean simply by navigating the Finder x times to the Folder, Alfred learns that I want to go there over time? Any idea of how many times one should do this before it starts appearing? Thanks for the sf workflow, didn't know about it Rad
  4. Hi there, at work we have a folders structure that goes something light that: - PROJECT NAME - PROJECT NAME CITY NAME1 - PROJECT NAME CITY NAME2 - PROJECT NAME CITY NAME3 - PROJECT NAME CITY NAME4 - Etc. And file names work the same way. That means we have many folders and files starting with the same name. When I use Alfred to search for a folder or file and it doesn't appear in the results and it doesn't appear in the 40 results displayed, how do I push Alfred to find it and make it appear in future searches? Thank you for your help, I love how I keep discovering new use for Alfred, time after time. Rad
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