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  1. Main page at: https://github.com/Stvad/alfred-otter/ please file bugs & feature requests there. Functionality Show all recent recordings & copy the transcription of selected recording: Result (in RoamResearch): Search recordings by matches in the transcription Modifiers ⌘ - paste content of the transcription into the foremost application ⌥ - copy transcription of the selected recording an all newer ones. Result example (in RoamResearch): Install $ npm install --global alfred-otter Or get it from the releases page: https://github.com/Stvad/alfred-otter/releases/ Requires Node.js 12+ and the Alfred Powerpack. Usage Specify email and password variables in Workflow Environment variables: In Alfred, type otter (this will retrieve all recent recordings). You can add a query after the keyword to search for speeches with a transcript matching it.
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