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  1. Thanks for the great tips, will try them. well I believe avoiding potential problem makes Alfred so great...
  2. Sorry for the late reply Thank you for your advice I am currently using Shift+Enter for Opt+Enter in Excel Shift+Enter for Move to End of Line, and then Enter for now I use BetterTouchTools as a workaround, but it is far less stable than Alfred, on my macOS But thanks a lot!
  3. Hi, I am considering using Shift+D as Trigger for some work flow, seems, CMD/Control/Opt alone works, but "Shift" needs to be combined with other modifiers??? Thank you
  4. Hi, I have been using Alfred for several years, for now and I really appreciate this App, Just a Question, Is it possible to Navigate(Move up/down the result list) using Tab? ※Which by default is used for Auto-Complete I went through the Settings, and found no such options. Thank you so much.
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